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gigmade is an innovation and IT company. We build custom web software to improve how you work together on innovation projects.

Uncertainty is a group strength.

As a decision-maker in innovation today, you decide under uncertainty and justify decisions to your organization. But your organization are your experts. Your decisions are good when you maximize your experts' creative input and alignment. We build software that helps you maximize participation of your experts in all decisions - to improve decisions and their adoption.

We are your partner for software-facilitated group decisions.

Our expertise is in facilitating group decision-making through software to avoid more meetings or changing work culture. Our custom-built group decision solutions work on the following principles:

  • Aggregate your data as a foundation for decision-making
  • Make the decision process transparent, so stakeholders can embrace it
  • Put the protection of personal data first

How we work together



  • We analyze your needs and stakeholders with a holistic view.
  • We design your custom group decision process using a mix of cutting-edge scientific literature research and our existing technology.
  • We communicate solution concepts through visual demos.


  • We build your project using state-of-the-art web technologies.
  • We split larger projects into milestones, each delivering a standalone benefit to your users. We continuously align with your users' needs.
  • After each completed milestone, we review and adjust the project for maximum impact.


  • We identify and collaborate with the best experts in your field, for science and programming.
  • We stay agile and prioritize your users' needs.
  • We build for platform scalability, so you're free to onboard 100 times more users than planned.

Our Projects

Some of the hard problems we have solved.

Image showing better track changes
Improving Document Collaboration
Web / Negotiation
Zurich University of Applied Sciences
Sankey chart demonstrating ease of discovering data
Evidence-based sustainability governance
Web / Science
View of editor during variant comparison
Software-coordinated work on concepts
Web / Decision system
ZHAW and open-source community
Image of painting by Piet Mondrian
Data-preserving anonymization
Science / Privacy
Hoffmann-La Roche
Cellexpress Logo
Division of work for cell microscopy analysis
Web / Science
Treediff Logo
Solving the tree-to-tree edit problem
Web / Science
A Fortune Global 500 company
Image showing slices of a brain MRI
Medical image anonymization
Web / Privacy

We play sometimes, too.

Our Team

Our human power

Stefan Baumann
Stefan Baumann

ETH Zürich, Physics. 8 years Novartis, NIBR, Head of Imaging Infrastructure. Bio-IT award for first automated phase II trial image analysis across Pharma.

Steve Pieper
Steve Pieper

MIT, Computer Science. Adjunct teacher at MIT and Berkeley. Principal Investigator and Head Architect of 3D Slicer open-source image analysis suite.

Ahmed Hosny
Ahmed Hosny
Data Visualization

Harvard University, Computational Design. Machine Learning, Interactive data visualization, design and user experience.

Eve Freeman
Eve Freeman

Expert in database layout and optimization, with a focus on Neo4j. Contributor to the CYPHER query language.

Chrysa Chouliara
Chrysa Chouliara
Design, UI/UX

Designer, illustrator, writer, sculptor, ETH Zürich Visual Communication Specialist. Turns concepts into compelling journeys of visual storytelling.

Alaa-Eddine Kaddouri
Alaa-Eddine Kaddouri

USTL Lille, Information Technology and distributed computing. Cross-platform development.

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